Does it cost me any money for my device just to be looked at?

Nope, not at all.  We are firm believers in free diagnostics at Chatham Cellular Computer Repair (CCCR) and we think customers shouldn’t have to take any financial risk just to find out what’s wrong with their device.  Once we identify the issue we will contact you with a price and time frame of when it’ll be fixed. If you would rather not have your device fixed after our estimate, no problem!   

Will I need to worry about losing my data when I get my phone repaired?  

Absolutely not, the vast majority of repairs have negligible to no chance of having any of your data lost. Our techs will not need to access your personal files for most repairs.

Will I get any spam texts or robo calls if I fill out your intake form?

No, we do not sell any customer data to advertisers or data brokers.

I have personal information on my device that I’d rather not let others see.  Do I need to give out my password to get my device repaired?  

No, almost all hardware repairs don’t require access to any accounts with your personal data on them.  The only time our technicians need to access your primary account is usually when we’re fixing computer software problems, and even then we can always set up a separate account without your personal data to troubleshoot your device’s software problems.  We do not read or look at pictures, texts, documents, etc.

How long does it take to get my phone/tablet fixed?

We keep all parts in stock for major brand devices like Apple and Samsung ensuring that you’ll have your device back the same day.  iPhone repairs only take 10 to 15 minutes. Samsung devices and iPads usually don’t take longer than one hour to fix.  All our screen repairs come with a lifetime warranty and a free high quality screen protector installed on all phones.  If under rare circumstances we don’t have the part for your phone in stock then we can typically get the part the next day.

I dropped my phone in water, should I put it in rice?  

Unfortunately one of the biggest myths about fixing water damaged phones is if you put it in rice and let it dry out for a few days and that’ll somehow fix all the damage done to it.  This is simply not true but one of the most common myths about phone repair.  When your phone suffers water damage it’s not the initial water that damages the phone, it’s the corrosion that sets in after the water dries. The best thing to do when a device gets water damaged is to take it to a trusted repair shop ASAP and let them clean the insides before corrosion sets in.  Don’t turn your phone on/off or use it at all until you take it to a reputable repair shop.  

My phone/computer is really old and I don’t know if it’s worth repairing, what should I do?  

Knowing whether to buy a new phone/computer or get your old one repaired is a legitimately tough financial decision to make.  With that being said you're more than welcome to stop by and take a look at our large selection of phones and computers for sale. We have new and used devices.  We aim to sell you a device catered to your needs, and we will also help you transfer your data to your new device and install a screen protector at no extra charge.  Every phone/computer we sell comes with a one year warranty.